Monday, 13 July 2009

Praise from A Good Read

Here are some quotes from A Good Read which featured
Empire of the Sikhs last week.

Indarjit Singh: 'This was wonderful period in Indian history, almost unknown in this country . . . The book is written in a very chatty, easy-to-read style, but it becomes more poignant when the authors talk about how the empire disintegrated after the Ranjit Singh's death . . . as the strength of his reign was his tolerance.'

Kate Mosse (presenter): 'I was really grateful to have read the book. I knew very little about Sikhism. I was very interested to learn about its history and about Ranjit Singh being a contemporary of Napoleon's, with these two completely different ways of working – in India and Europe . . . I think there is no doubt that the two authors are scholars, and the research here is fantastic . . . I loved the early chapters' description of the birth of Sikhism and the beauty of its texts, and it’s made me want to know more . . . I also loved the fact that this book is written in Indian English - it hasn't been Americanized, and there is that sense of richness about it.'

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