Thursday 25 June 2009

Recommended Book Site

We were recently contacted by Robert Burdock who runs a really interesting website here. He was enquiring about Endo's Silence - here's his preview - we're looking forward to seeing the review....

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Monday 22 June 2009

Prinny and His Pals - Book of the Month

Our new book on George IV, Prinny and His Pals has been selected as Book of the Month by our friends at Majesty magazine

Monday 15 June 2009

Blur Reunion latest

Er, well, we haven't got much news on that here (not to mention no ticket) but some fans of Graham Coxon may not know that he contributed an acclaimed foreword to Narcissus and Goldmund, one of the most important in the Modern Classics series. Any self-respecting fan of Graham, maybe even Blur, should have it - please get in touch if you want to know about Hermann Hesse or any of the Modern Classics writers.

Now BBC chooses a Peter Owen Title

Having just said that, we've also found that Radio 4 will also be featuring a Peter Owen title soon on A Good Read. Presenter Kate Mosse and selected guests choose their favourite reads of the last few weeks. Indarjit Singh, who regularly features on 'Thought For The Day', will be talking about our Empire of the Sikhs. Transmission date 7.7.09 at 4.30 and it is repeated on the following Friday

BBC showcases Collins' Sensation Stories

Fans of Radio 4's Classic Serial will be listening to a 'Sensation Story' called 'Armadale'. The Sensation Story ushered in the modern mystery genre and new fans will surely be interested in our very own collection by Wilkie Collins here which includes ten of the best from Collins. Please contact or call 0207 370 6093 to order a copy at 50% discount and with free postage.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Shusaku Endo

Peter Owen introduced Shusaku Endo to the Western world, as well as a number of other brilliant Japanese writers. The next Endo work to be published this year is Foreign Studies, due in August. Four Endo titles are now in the re-designed Modern Classics, as seen in our specially-designed bookmarks as above. Please e-mail, phone or write for a free catalogue (and bookmark) detailing all our Modern Classics authors – Endo, Hesse, Mishima, Kavan and many more.

News on Endo's Silence, as filmed by Martin Scorsese

It seems from the above that the long-awaited film version of Silence by Martin Scorsese will be with us soon. Martin Scorsese wrote a powerful introduction to this, perhaps Endo's greatest work, when we re-published this in our famous Modern Classics series.

Monday 1 June 2009

Boy In Darkness Review

Our thanks goes to Liberator for their review of Boy In Darkness above. Incidentally, we will be soon be announcing a major addition to our list of Mervyn Peake titles - watch this space