Thursday, 21 June 2007


Been awfully quiet over the past week for which apologies.

Our Anna Kavan event has been included into the Londonlitplus programme. This is a wonderful idea, I especially like their map of the alternative literary festival. We wonder whether an intrepid blogger might keep something like this up all year round? It could become quite a Scene (a favourite Peter Owen word).

We have a new cover for our latest Modern Classic, I Live Under a Black Sun :

The interesting thing about publishing this one was that we ddin't know whether we would make it a moderen classic or no – not because of the quality: it's a remarkable piece of work but because we weren't sure whether we had published it before. A book can't be a P.O.M.C. without our having published it previously. Peter was adamant that he had but he couldn't remember whether it was under the P.O. imprint or whether he had just bought copies from John Lehmann. When we found a finished copy from ABE books (see posts passim) it presented quite a conundrum: The cover was P.O. and the imprint pages were P.O. but the binding was John Lehmann. A free copy of the new edition to anyone who can explain how that happened . . .

P.S. Looks like we're going to publish a new collection of short stories by Mervyn Peake.

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