Friday, 1 June 2007

The weekend spilleth over

with reviews . . .
The Wheel of Fortune is named as one of things that Emma Thompson should do this week in the Evening Standard magazine. The reviewer told us over the phone that the film is fantastic.

The TLS's review of the Alfred Douglas biography is very good and will appear on the website shortly.

Transmission , an excellent literary magazine has done a piece on Hermann Hesse the last paragraph running thus:

'There is a peculiar sensation that results from reading Hesse, a feeling that somehow one is being presented with one's deepest thoughts stated with sublime simplicity. I have many times experienced sentences in Hesse that have caused me to stop reading and to seek out, in a state of head-shaking wonder, someone to read the line to. Today, Hesse slips through the cracks. That he achieves this is a testament to the incongruity his work has with our fucked culture. There can be no higher recommendation.' This is next to the picture reproduced above.

Furthermore The Times will do a review of Hidden Faces tomorrow, partly the fruit of a mad dash on the part of Blogger no1 who had to buy the LAST REMAINING COPY OF THE PREVIOUS EDITION IN ALL OF LONDON at Waterstones in Hampstead (very nice people there, there are now some P.O.P. bookmarks to be had there) before going on to deliver said copy to the reviewer in Mile End (also very nice). All very exhausting.

AND a very large (according to the lit. ed.) review of the Alfred Douglas biography in the Irish Times , also tomorrow.

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