Monday, 23 July 2007

Times Guilty Review & A Look Back At Cendrars by Cunningham

Over the weekend, Kate Sauders at the Times offered a brief, but positive view of Anna Kavan's Guilty – Guilty Times Review – and it helps the Kavan name out there. Meanwhile, in the Financial Times, another needlessly underexposed Peter Owen author, Blaise Cendrars, was namechecked along with our most celebrated designer Keith Cunningham. Kit Maude, himself a former Peter Owen stalwart, provided a perceptive look at Cunningham's art which is still influential for book designers today - FT Astonished Man. For those with an interest, check out the page on Cunningham on this site via the link above: and our redesigned Modern Classics also display the continued influence of Cunningham, in the eye-catching designs from Alex Parsonage - he is another part of the Peter Owen 'massive'. We may be a small independent but, you see, creative individuals has been the bedrock of the business and we like to give the impression that we're coming at you from all sides. Take a bow, everyone.

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