Monday, 29 January 2007

Monday Morning

Good Morning,
The usual monday morning review search has turned up nothing this week. Not that we sent any books out to review recently of course but hope springs . . . occasionally someone will write a piece out of the blue. There were however some interesting happenings over the weekend, the lovely Dove Grey Reader says nice things about us. A link will be posted to her blog as soon as lets me. And also to our own website of course, bit of an oversight that.
Also the first reviews of Hermione Lee's exciting biography of Edith Wharton are coming out. Exciting because not only is Wharton a fascinating character and great writer, but also because we have two collections of ghost stories by Wharton, The Ghost Feeler out now and The Demanding Dead just about to arrive back from the printers. The stories are a lot of fun, there's plenty of Henry James and a little of Dickens about 'em but no doubting the originality of her voice - I don't know much about the subject but were many women writing ghost stories at the time? Anyway the stories by best be summed up by this bizarre and marvelous Wharton quote:
‘It is in the warm darkness of the pre-natal fluid far below our conscious reason that the faculty dwells with which we apprehend the ghosts we may not be endowed with the gift of seeing.’

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Duncan Fallowell said...

Don't worry, Peter, my fascinating interview with you is coming along in a week or two and all your great achievements will be globally acknowledged. Best wishes for your 80th birthday - soon.