Monday, 5 February 2007

Back from Marrakech

Good Morning,
The blog has been rather silent over the past week, for which I apologize. Truth is I was on holiday in Marrakech leaving my poor colleague Michael to do everything but the blog. Marrakech was lovely, worth many visits AND the recommended reading section of the Rough Guide to Morrocco lists Peter Owen books almost exclusively. Having been there I now feel slightly more qualified to repost to a beautifully written but ultimately negative article by Colm Toibin about Paul Bowles' oevre in the London Review of Books

But that's for later, I have much news to impart:

First, many thanks to the Dove Grey Reader who has given us our first review of Bless 'em All

Hopefully there'll be lots more to come.

Second - Ken Russell is the new film critic for The Times, which should give an idea of his writing style.

Third - P.O.P. features in Vogue this month - page 150, bottom left hand corner. The supermodel Daria (Who is also on this months cover) is a Hermann Hesse fan. I'm going to try and get some Vogue people to come to our various launch parties to add a touch of glamour.

Fourth - whilst we're on the cutting edge of style, guess who The Sunday Times Style section says is 'going up' this month?
Why, none other than Anna Kavan, Violette Leduc and Jane Bowles:

'Clever ladies, big ideas. What's not to like?'



eword said...

your blog sounds interesting, even if i still have to understand what it is exactly about! :-)

Marrakech property said...

Yes, Marrakech is great city. Places of interest include museums, Saadian Tombs, Bab Agnaou gate (one of the 19 gates of Marrakech built in the 12th century) and the leather tanneries. The Medina of Marrakech is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is known as the Red City after the magnificent red fortifications that surround it. Marrakech has an exotic traditional atmosphere and is home to the largest square in Africa, namely the “Djemaa al Fna” which comes alive during the day with acrobats, water sellers, dancers and musicians and by night becomes a huge outdoor restaurant, with numerous food stalls selling traditional Moroccan cuisine.