Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Best of the Independents!

Great news amidst the hurlyburly (Morenegotiationlastminutedoubtsamissingtranslatorthreebookstopublicizeandindeedsellatthesametimeveryimportantproofstogetcheckedsothatwedon'tmissthenextbooklaunchbutdon'tforgettheonetomorrowDauntBookssevenoclockallwelcomegeedidImissanything?)
The wonderful fiction buyer at Borders, Ruth Atkins, whose support of P.O.P. has always been strong and appreciated has gone a step further and is to include Narcissus and Goldmund in the Borders and Books Etc.' Best of the Independents' range. We are now going to be true independents and suggest some other books but this alone is very good news.

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