Thursday, 15 February 2007

This is what I came up with


Dear Reviewer,

Please find enclosed review copies of three new releases by Peter Owen Publishers.

Loving Mephistopheles, Miranda Miller
Pub Date: March 15th

As Peter Vansittart says in his review of Loving Mephistopheles, the legendary Faust pact ‘always allures’ and this wonderful reworking of the story is no exception. But it is the originality, not the familiarity that is most striking about this novel – Mephistopheles as lover, Faustus as naive chanteuse, with all the 20th century as a stage for their affair - and why it has already attracted plaudits from Hilary Mantel, John Bayley and Lyndall Gordon.

Kokoro, Natsume Soseki, introduced by Damian Flanagan
Pub Date: 1st March

In Japan, Kokoro is the most well-known, most admired and most discussed not only of Natsume Soseki’s works but of any in the modern Japanese period. It thus seems bizarre that it is so little known outside Japan. We hope that this new edition, the fourth of Soseki’s books to be brought out by P. O. P. will go some way towards amending that.

The Demanding Dead by Edith Wharton, edited and introduced by Peter Haining
Pub Date: 8th March

Edith Wharton has of course been much in the news of late thanks to Hermione Lee’s excellent and surely definitive biography. These stories are the second volume of P.O.P’s own small contribution to Wharton’s reputation, exhibiting her skill as a writer of ghost stories. It also includes the famous unpublished ‘incest’ scene that attracted so much attention in the press about the biography.

If you would like further information about these or any other Peter Owen Titles, please contact myself or my colleague Michael O’Connell on 0207 373 5628 or email us at .

Yours sincerely,

Kit Maude


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