Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Valentine's Day!

'Jimmy arrived on his bike with a smile on his face. He had ridden practically all the way without holding on to the handlebars. It was a sort of dare and celebration. It had been tricky around the hosepipes and the tramlines were always a hazard . . .
'What's the matter with you?' his mum enquired, more than once. He knew what was the matter. He'd got a girl, a nice one at that, a looker who kissed him as though she meant it. It had transformed his whole existence. He wasn't just a scruffy book collector, carrying his job on his back; he was someone who lived it up, had a romance going, meant something to somebody else . . .'

A themed Bless 'em All quote today!

And some other appropriate books:

For those true blue romantics:

For the romantic realist (Annoyingly not yet out, order now to avoid disappointment! hee hee . . .)

For those who like their romance slightly more macabre:

And for those whose tastes run the other way entirely:

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