Monday, 26 February 2007

Part of a letter that I find myself writing too frequently

'Hi John,
Sorry not to have been in touch, very busy goings on here. I saw the pagan review too and let those interested know. I don't think that it's right to say that we've sunk without a trace - Sycorax is still selling, not fast but new orders are popping up from all sorts of different places and it hasn't been officially released yet in the States I don't think. The sudden drop off in reviews was a surprise, after such a good start in the Big Issue and Independent I thought it'd go on and on. Christmas was a problem too with all the space being taken up by the blockbusters, best ofs, reviews of the year etc. Weirdly another book that we sent out at the same time as Sycorax only got reviewed in the second week of December after most of the 'best of' features had gone. I honestly don't know what goes on at these newspapers/magazines, I fear that a book's fate lies increasingly in the hands of the work experience kids who sift the mail at these places. Of course having said that my own few writerly contacts who indicated that they'd give it a read haven't said anything yet either, maybe something will come of that in time. Part of the problem might have been that people misunderstood the nature of book - thought it to be less 'literary' fantasy writing rather than the sophisticated novel it is.

Don't get pessimistic, remember that Sycorax it is a great book and that as we speak people are buying, reading and recommending it to others. It does take a little time for word to spread.'

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