Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Happy Easter

We hope that everyone had a good Easter break and have returned renovated and renewed. BNO1 spent his reading From Winchester to This by Willie Donaldson, a tranche of irreverance only balanced out by a revisiting of Silence by Shusaku Endo, because 'twas the season.
This week will be spent preparing for the London Book Fair where everyone who's anyone in books is going to be. Fortunately, due to the proximity of our office, we'll be able to run in and out, advise on reataurants and pubs and generally strut around with the confidence of locals. If anyone is there and wants to meet up, drop us a line!


We ackowledge the very generous grant from the Institut Ramon Llull for the translation of The Enormity of the Tragedy by Quim Monzó


Ken Russell's latest column, plugging his composer's books and revealing how his interest in classical music begun (invloves a Bakerlite bicycle pump)


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