Monday, 30 April 2007

It's always tempting in the first post of the week . . .

to reference the fact that it's Monday. But not this time.

If anyone is anywhere near a Borders or Books Etc. over the next month they might want to have a look at their Best of the Independents where Narcissus and Goldmund has a decent spot. One of our editors was talking to an accountant (or was it an estate agent?) the other day who'd just bought the new edition and recognized the P.O.P. name because of it- first time we'd heard that happen with a Bona Fide Member of the General Public.

Also, if anyone is in India they might want to look out for our books there - we've just started exporting properly over there.

There's a nice note about us, and more specifically, Anna Kavan from a fellow publisher's blog today. The uber-impressive indie: Salt .

And for the many (perhaps increasing?) Kavan fans out there there will be some exciting news. Can't say more for fear of causing confusion.

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