Wednesday, 4 April 2007

This is how it went

'Good Morning/Afternoon,

'I'm calling from Peter Owen Publishers',

'Yes?'/ 'Oh hello!'/hmmm . . .

' aaaand we've got a new catalogue coming out and was wondering who I could address it to?'

'Ah, yes, you can send it to insertnamehere'/'oh just send it to everyone'/ 'you do know we're second hand bookshop don't you?'

'Just out of interest, have you heard of us?'

'Yes! Of course!'/ 'Nooo, I don't think we have'

It was the dichotomy of the last assertion that was most interesting from our point of view, either strongly aware of Peter Owen or completely (Blissfully? ed.) unaware.

not for long . . .

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Catheryn said...

Hi there

You can use our catalogue list which is in excel - just e mail.

All best

Marion Boyars