Monday, 5 March 2007

Calming down

Apologies for the bile in the previous post. Blogger no.2 just had a rant about music journalists. It must be a Monday thing.

If you'd like to judge for yourselves the page for In the Shadow of Islam is

I've calmed myself down by beginning a pet project of mine - making our website more author focussed. I've created author pages for Tarjei Vesaas, Anna Kavan and Anais Nin:

Which I hope will eventually become link based resources for fans of many of our fantastic authors. Annoyingly I could find very little in English for Tarjei Vesaas on the internet. If anyone can find anything - biogs, appreciations, essays etc. I'd be much obliged.

Also you can now see and hear Miranda Miller talking about Loving Mephistopheles on You Tube at this address:

Something that we will be doing with more authors I hope.

And finally, I got a very nice phone call from the publicist at the excellent quarterly journal Slightly Foxed - a publication to which everyone should be subscribed.

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