Friday, 2 March 2007

Frightening adverts

The Bookseller magazine carries two dark boxes in its classified section this week:

CALDER BOOKSHOP seeks successor

CALDER PUBLISHING seeks successor

Scary stuff.

The Guardian mentions our forthcoming Ken Russells in one of its gossip columns today:

'Ken Russell has written a BOGOF book. The veteran film director always had a pretty cavalier approach to mere facts in his films, and has now written waht he calls 'novel biographies' of the composers Edward Elgar and Frederick Delius. And best of all, Elgar: The Erotic Variations and Delius: A Moment with Venus, come bound together as one chunky volume: 'Two Novels in one book!' as the publisher chirps.'

The problem with attempting irony is that you're never sure who is being it when. Also no mention of us and no mention of the other book - Maev Kennedy (who wrote the article) might have said 'a BOGOF of BOGOFs from Ken Russell - famous of course for Quadrophenia'

I'm not sure that makes sense.

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