Friday, 23 March 2007


The V&A, the Tate Modern, Saatchi gallery everyone is going surrealism nuts this summer. Something that we've been for years. BNO1 went to the Tate Modern the other day and realized that his boss had known personally two of the painters exhibited in the first room he entered ; Salavdor DalĂ­ is of course well known and Peter's famous trip to buy the rights to his book well documented but I wonder how many people know of the second, Ithell Colqhoun? Her painting Scylla now currently hangs on the left hand wall of the first room of the Poetry and Dream collection on the third floor, somewhere at the bottom. Her book, The Goose of Hermogenes, the result I believe of a chance encounter with Peter at the French House in Soho is wonderful and weird, should have been filmed by Louis Bunuel and should still be filmed by David Lynch. Maybe I'll write a letter.

Also of interest to those of a suurealist nature is all writing by Blaise Cendrars, about whom I think it's time to do an author page, Hebdemeros by Giorgio de Chirico currently OP, and if you want to wander in to the next room in the Tate Modern, My Life by Marc Chagall

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