Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Hasta la Revolucion Siempre

Gabriel Garcia Marquez turned 80 yesterday - funny to think he's almost exactly the same age as Peter. He chose to spend it in Cuba (Garcia Marquez, not Peter), which seems a very sensible place to spend one's birthday. Anyway, Feliz CumpleaƱos to one of the truly great modern writers.

It's funny, we published Miguel Angel Asturias just before he won the Nobel Prize (Peter's still upset about the day Asturias won, something to do with not being offered any champagne), they are writers of comparable quality and subject matter but one reprints in millions whilst one hasn't made nearly as much of an impact. It'll be fun trying to change that . . .

Looking back through the mists it seems that we also published a book about the Cuban revolution written by a disgruntled ex Cuban ambassador to Britain. He wasn't in favour.

Then there's a book called 'What's Left?' by a fellow named David Powell. It seems that Nick Cohen stole our pun.

More oddities from the past:

'You Can Upholster!' from the seventies, exclamation mark and all.

'Beer is Best' I think this was by a Theakston or someone.

'A Dictionary of Satanism'

'A Dictionary of Graphology' various editions of that one.

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