Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Muses as Heroes

Not another book on Oscar Wilde then..not Wilde but the beautiful Bosie is the star of the show this time. Up until now cast as that demon personified in Wildes life, the muse and destroyer, who with his careless actions brought ruin and betrayal. Caspar Wintermans has recreated Bosie in a more complex and fairer light, fleshing out the Jude Law portrayal of a flouncing, pouting spoilt boy and instead championing his devotion to Wilde, the societies he was part of, the impressions he made on others around him, his passions and loyalties. This biography fits nicely with the ever-growing recent interest in biographiess of muses, wives, lovers, the people surrounding and supporting the 'geniuses' and the extroverts about whom we already know so much.
Lord Alfred Douglas, a lot younger than Wilde, a lot more frivolous perhaps, was not only the inspiration behind some of Wildes thoughts and creations but also an inspired poet himself, the composite of which is contained, with notes, in this biography. The whole fascinating literary and artistic scene, the world in which Bosie and Wilde circulated and flourished is lovingly courted and chronicled by Wintermans, who spent 18 years researching and writing the book.
The launch and a chance to meet this expert on all things Wilde and Bosie-ish commences at 6.30 tomorrow at The Phoenix Arts Club, Charing Cross come along dears, sip a glass of wine, lounge in a corner and quote Wilde, hey, even buy a book. Why? As Oscar says

I suppose society is wonderfully delightful. To be in it is merely a bore. But to be out of it is simply a tragedy

Grand. We shall see you there then, we remain your most humble book-servants,
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