Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Michael Moorcock

G. Peter Winnington (Author of Vast Alchemies, a biography of Mervyn Peake and editor of Mervyn Peake: The Man and his Art)
writes to me this morning:

'We have a staunch supporter in Mike Moorcock: he wrote recently

'I was in a bookshop a couple of days ago and the assistant told me he
was reading /Vast Alchemies/. I told him to read no other book; that
yours was the only one worth reading. He said how he was enjoying it.

Why don't you print a short letter from me [in Peake Studies]
suggesting that all readers ask their public libraries to order /MP
Man and Art/ ? That would be a start. /You /can't suggest it, of
course, but /I/ could.''

A fine idea that might be applied more widely?


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